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Connecting students with professional opportunities
Open to anyone interested in computing

The Information Systems Association is dedicated to providing MIS, CIS, and CSE students with opportunities to network with technology professionals, professors, and each other. Built upon this foundation, our goal is to facilitate a smooth transition between academia and the professional world.

Meetings consist of companies recruiting MIS, CSE or CIS students giving presentations about their company and any available positions. Students do not have to be a member to attend meetings.

ISA does not have any membership requirements, so to be considered a member simply come to our meetings.

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Executive Board

Students with a passion for technology
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Ali Graham

Junior, Management Information Systems
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Keval Sheth

Vice President
Junior, Management Information Systems
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Niki Pandya

Vice President of Marketing
Sophomore, Management Information Systems
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Jake Mason

VP of Corporate Relations
Junior, Management Information Systems
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Kayli Doll

VP of Finance
Senior, Computer Science & Engineering

ISA has no membership requirements. To be considered a member, simply come to any of our meetings. Everyone is welcome, regardless of major or rank.


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